Winner mentality

Team Sennasearch approaches recruitment as top-class sports. We rise to the challenge and score with cleverness, quality and content. We have a good connection with top-class sports, which we carry with us in our daily work.

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Game changers

We are fully committed to recruitment improvement, as we believe this is the key to distinguishing yourself as an organisation. As game changers in this traditional world, we focus on growing organisations which want to be and remain ahead of the current market. We’ll make your recruitment processes measurable, scalable and transparent. That’s our strength. We focus on efficiency, a long-term relationship and cost reduction.

De oprichters

Mattijs Vermunt has been a hockey trainer and coach for over 20 years. He is an active football player, cyclist, runner and snowboarder and has built up a great deal of experience building and supporting teams and coaching individuals.

Roderik Leopold used to be a professional hockey player in the Netherlands and for FC Barcelona in Spain for a long time. Creating a team rather than selecting the best player is what makes him passionate about recruitment.