Recruitment and selection by Sennasearch

Recruitment and selection concerns the one-time recruitment, selection and hiring of the most suitable candidate for a certain position. Our key values are attention, commitment and trust. We charge recruitment and selection projects based on a percentage of the annual salary, a so-called recruitment fee.

Recruitment and selection and RPO

We also offer recruitment process outsourcing services (RPO) in addition to recruitment and selection, which further enhances the recruitment process. Outsourcing recruitment to Sennasearch can be extremely flexible and catered to your company needs. It can be scaled up or down (which makes it affordable), it is profitable and risk-free.

How does it work?

We’ll start with an interview to draw up a precise candidate profile for your vacancy. We’ll write attractive job ads and we’ll use social media recruitment to search for the best candidates. Assessments can be an integral part. In addition, we always conduct CV background screening.

Opt for recruitment and selection if:

1. You want to fill a one-time (difficult to fill) position
2. You want to use our job boards and tools
3. You need advice from experts to find the right person
4. You want to use our large talent pool

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