Labour market communication is hot

Labour market communication has been a top priority for HR departments in 2017. No less than 47 per cent of the more than 1,000 surveyed Dutch HR professionals indicated this is the top priority this year, versus less than 15 per cent last year, claims consultancy company Berenschot.

Strategic staff planning

Organisations are in great need of strategic staff planning. Labour market communication is a major part of this. Sennasearch supports companies with starting up strategic staff planning, as well as an labour market communication action plan.

What is labour market communication

Labour market communication is all about the chemistry between potential talent and you, as an employer. It’s about addressing the people you’d like to add to your organisation the right way. Labour market communication responds to questions such as: “How do you convince someone to apply for a position at your organisation?”, “How do you draw attention to your identity as an employer?”, “What employment conditions do you offer?” and “What distinguishes you from other employers?”

Advice and support

  • About employer branding and labour market communication
  • Labour market communication tools such as (online) job ads
  • Labour market communication employees on a project basis
  • Social media recruitment
  • ‘Werken bij’ websites

Employer branding

Sennasearch can support you with creating and boosting a strong brand. Employer branding takes your preferred position among future and current employees into consideration.

Social media recruitment and job marketing

Sennasearch recognises the impact of social media and helps you to use social media and job marketing to attract talent. Sennasearch also uses its own social media channels to help its customers reach potential candidates.

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