Recruitment marketing

reach out to your potential employees thrue you online sources

Recruitment marketing

How can you make sure that potential talent aplies to your job offer? We believe in the possitive effects of combining our forces and resources. The combination of recruitment and marketing is in our opinion essential to find and bind the best candidates. We want to reach them with multiple touchpoints. To tell them your story in their mindframe. 

Facebook & recruitment

A powerfull employer brand, a tight budgets and a creative, targeted approach are the key stones of the proces. This in combination with media in the mindset of the (active and deferred) candidate. Makes this a valuable source of high quality personal. For short: recruitment can’t go without a dash of marketing anymore. 

how our recruiters prove their value:

  • We devlop custom made job offering pages or “working-at” websites. 
  • We make targetgroup specified recruitment campaigns, to find just the right candidate.
  • We write strong job description-content, in text, images and video, focussed on your organisation and audience.
  • We activate recruitment marketing thrue your own social media channels.

Candidate driven market

The engagement and personalisation in the job market has become a essential element for finding talented personal. A outstanding plan for smart recruitment is of the utmost importance. Our staff consists of recruitment marketeers who you can hire by the hour. These online experts focus themselves on the improvement of your employer brand, finding the latent and active candidates and running your recruitment campaigns. In coherance of your specific needs we will present a tailor made plan with clear KPI’s. 

Facebook and Linked-in recruitment

Recent research has proven that 61% of all potential talent between the ages of 20 and 35 (the milennials and generation Z) during their search for a new job, visit the Facebook page and the linked in page of their potential new employer. Sennasearch has specialised in recruitment campaigns in these platforms. That’s how we know where your new collegues are in their national or international online habits. We can translate your brand, your compagny culture and work ethics in a strong appealing online message.  

Distinguish Online

To place a vacancy onlin is easy. But to really distinguish yourself online to the right audience can be tricky. Sennasearch combines her knowledge with the qualities from expert marketing  agency, KeenR, to maximise the effect of the recruitment campaigns on Linked-In, facebook, and Google.

Talent recruitment is your top priority. And if your looking for top talent, you know you have to do more than only publish your job opening online, hoping someone will notice you.

Wij have the recruitment marketeers in house and we offer them to be hired per hour.

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