Histoire d’Or is a well-known chain in France, with more than 350 stores. The brand has been active beyond its national borders for a few years, with recent openings in Italy, Portugal and Belgium. Their store in Amstelveen is their first attempt at entering the Dutch market. Histoire d’Or sells jewellery and watches of different brands.

What was the question?

The Histoire d’Or store in Amstelveen suddenly became available, with a possible opening at the end of the month. There were only two weeks to find the sales staff, including a store manager. The employees also needed to complete a product training course. Candidates with a notice period of one month therefore didn’t qualify for these vacancies.

How did we manage?

Sennasearch did a direct search for the store manager position.
We selected and introduced three candidates within a week. Two of them were invited for a second interview and one of them was offered the store manager position within a week.
We organised a Recruitment Day immediately after hiring the store manager. All sorts of role plays, candidate presentations and interviews took place throughout the day and 35 out of 150 interested candidates were selected. We managed to select the entire sales team in one day, together with Histoire d’Or’s management team in the Netherlands and the store manager.

Exceeded expectations

The results of our collaboration with Histoire d’Or:
• A store manager contracted within a week
• The entire sales team contracted within two weeks
• All staff hired within the set deadlines
• All employees available within the set staff budget
The sales team is still complete after a 6 month period. Histoire d’Or is very satisfied with the store employees.
“Sennasearch translates company goals into advanced recruitment solutions. We’re a partner in the success of our customers. Our customer’s ambition is the foundation of our actions. We don’t see recruitment as the solution, but as a tool to help our customers be successful and achieve their ambitions. We’re committed to professionalising and optimising the recruitment process within companies, leaving room for our customers to focus on their core business.”

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